Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Stonehenge

... just a group of faces chatting in a circle...
Look at the 1st one and you can clearly see one eye, nose and mouth.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! Those are very cool! Interesting and well-taken!

marie6 said...

The more photos you show the more your country looks similar to Malta.
We've even got a cliff that has the shape of a woman. I have to take a photo next time we're out on the boat.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Steve Buser said...

Like old men on a bench on Main Street.

Per Stromsjo said...

What do you think they're saying?

Olivier said...

réunion entre ancien du collèges ;o). on pourrait se croire dans un champs breton, avec des dolmens en ronds

meeting between the former colleges o). one might believe in a field breton, with a round dolmens

JM said...

Mary Stebbins Taitt, glad you like them!

Marie, I'm looking forward to see more photos of Malta!

Yes, Steve, the only difference is these fellows are 'standing'... :-)

Well, Per, I guess they are remembering the good old days before world crisis and global warming and... like everyone else do nowadays... :-)

Olivier, these are modern dolmens to be discovered on another age... :-)

Thank you all for your comments.

Hilda said...

Oh hey, I see it! Cool!