Saturday, August 9, 2008

The City Hall

Oeiras City Hall is located on this manor, belonging to the compound of the former Palace of Marquis of Pombal and Count of Oeiras.
He was the Prime Minister of King Joseph I and also responsible for the rebuilt of Lisbon after the city has been totally destroyed by the big earthquake followed by a huge tsunami and a fire, in the year of 1755.


Thiên said...

It's so lovely! Much more so than our city halls. :)

Meead S. said...

Very nice photos JM.
Welcome to CDPB!

Hilda said...

1755 sounds like an awful year for the town! Such a charming city hall. I wish ours was half as pretty.

Welcome to the CDP community. Hope you enjoy yourself here!

Kim said...

The city hall is charming. Your sunny coast really IS sunny and lovely. Wow, I hadn't ever heard about Lisbon's destruction and rebuilding. Thanks for including this story and that of the Agave plants. Makes it so much more engaging when I view your great photos.

Hope you have fun showing us daily glimpse of Oeiras. Welcome to the CDPB family!
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smilnsigh said...

Beautiful, beautiful old buildings. I love photos of old buildings..

So much history...

So much beauty...

Miss Mari-Nanci

Web-OJ said...

Just one word......... WOW!